Embroidery – All You Need To Know!


Good embroidery always starts with the digitizing.  Digitizing is the art of converting design files to files that embroidery machines can read. Qualigraphics digitizer has been working at his craft for over 20 years.  We know it takes many years of practice to know how to translate each individual logo into stitches.  You have to take into account the sizing of the logo, make it legible while understanding the best way to build it.  Where do we start?  What order do we go in so the design lays flat?  Do I need a border stitch so my logo looks clean?  These are all questions your digitizer needs to know. You only pay once to setup your digitizing.  Make sure you have the best!

The second phase of good embroidery is a great embroidery shop. Is your shop using quality machines?  How many heads does the machine have?  Is the machine serviced regularly?  Do they have state of the art hardware and software? Bottom line is if you use a professional machine you will get quality results.  Your shop should also have plenty of thread choices to match the specific PMS colors of your design.   Another bonus is a shop that offers rush service and can hoop many different items.

It’s as simple as that.  Do you need us to clean up your current files?  Are you ready to  market your business through apparel?  It’s a must to look professional.  Give Qualigraphics a call!


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