Promos For Pooches!


Life wouldn’t be the same without our animal friends.  We are crazy about ours!  They give us loyalty and love and some for sure crazy moments.  Why not pamper them a bit?  Qualigraphics does a lot of pet friendly events and we love to giveaway imprinted bandanas and collapsible dog bowls.  There are so many products out there now!

Meet some of our employee pets.

Riot. He is the resident cuddle bug.  He needs to be tucked in before sleeping and of course needs a pillow.  He has claimed the couch for himself and is shocked if you dare scoot him over.  The inconvenience!  He loves to play outside and is a huge barker.  We love you Riot!

Woody. The face says it all.  Woody is wonderfully laid back. He is a super cool dude.  Woody prefers to spend his time with kids over adults.  They are way more interesting. Woody has also been known to do a little tinkle on the furniture.  Gasp!  We love you Woody!



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