Shop Eat Drink PINK!


A special thank you to Sheri Mathis and her foundation Shop eat drink PINK for letting Qualigraphics make her amazing event t-shirts!

The 4th Annual Shop Eat Drink PINK! event is back again on October 6th in Dallas Bishop Arts, and new this year, on October 20th at Hillside Village in Dallas Cedar Hill. Both events will include a wine walk.   Buy tickets here

Sheri Mathis is a two-time breast cancer conqueror who raises awareness and funds for the early detection of breast cancer via her Shop Eat Drink PINK! events.  She has retired from the rodeo circuit.

Sheri’s Story…

November 2013.  This was not my first rodeo (but I WAS wearing my lucky red boots and a t-shirt* from a breast cancer fund raiser I’d founded).  If you look brave and help other people, you can’t get breast cancer (again), right?!? I’d just tied up a whirlwind October—having produced two breast cancer events.  As a healthy survivor, I’ve always felt I needed to pay it forward.

In my spare time I was planning my daughter’s January 2014 wedding.

Back to the rodeo.  A booby doc/surgeon follow up after a recent mammogram and biopsy, and I’m told, “You have cancer, on the left side, opposite from last time” (I’m OCD, I appreciate symmetry).  “You’re a strong woman, and you can do this”!  No I’m not.  No I can’t. I don’t have time for this!

Man plans, God laughs.

With my history (both of my sisters have also had breast cancer), we planned for the “Full Monty”; double mastectomy/reconstruction. “It” was small, and non-invasive, so we could wait until after the wedding, which was lovely (from what I remember).  Thanks to a wonderful friend, who planned/executed/dragged a catatonic me through it all*.

February 2014.  My (re) birthday.  They removed the breasts that tried to kill me, and created some new hopefully kinder ones from some excess tummy tissue I had lying around.  Chest hurts=tummy ache.  2014 gave me a flatter tummy, thinner thighs, and perky breasts (they suck fat from one place to fill up another).  Silver linings.

*Thank you to Becky at Qualigraphics for the fabulous t-shirts for my events, and to Connie for creating a dream wedding!


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